Art - Black Rose T-shirt by JB Rae

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The Black Rose is a mysterious bloom that can convey many meanings. JB Rae offers this design to convey the positive side of this symbol. The Black Rose reflects the beginning of new things and major change. During these times, it’s especially reassuring to see this symbol of hopefulness.

The fabrics blend of cotton, polyester and rayon makes this T-shirt super soft to the touch. Its softly flowing silhouette means this very feminine companion offers great comfort wherever you go. 
  • Loose fit, slit sleeves
  • Rounded seem
  • Slightly tapered
  • Light, flowing fabrics: 159 g/m²
  • 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon
normal fit
S 24.49 in 15.98 in
M 25.51 in 17.99 in
L 26.50 in 20.00 in
XL 27.52 in 22.05 in
2XL 28.50 in 24.02 in